Parish of
St Margaret Clitherow
Parish of
St Margaret Clitherow
Parish of
St Margaret Clitherow

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Exam Time

At this time of year many students are undergoing revision and fretting about exams.  The stress will seem more acute for them this year as some of the exams will be conducted online rather than being taken in the traditional ‘exam hall.’ 

I remember when I was studying for my A level English Literature exam one of my fellow students said the she wasn’t going to do any revision for the exam and just pray to Our Lady.  From a spiritual point of view that is commendable. When the results of the exam came out we discovered that Our Lady knew nothing about Shakespeare either as my fellow student failed the exam!

Prayer is an important element in our spiritual lives but it must go along side doing a bit of study too, if we are to pass exams and obtain the grades we need for the future.

St Joseph of Cupertino is the patron saint of students taking exams.  He was a Franciscan but even after being admitted to the Order he had a difficult time.  However the Lord granted him many graces. 

At seminary, it came time for him to take his final exams, the examiner asked him a question on the only Biblical text that he knew by heart and that he loved to expound upon.  Thus St Joseph was able to show his knowledge and be ordained a priest.

Prayer to St. Joseph of Cupertino
For Success in Examinations

O humble St. Joseph of Cupertino,
singularly favoured by God in overcoming
the difficulties of study and
the worries of examinations,
implore the Holy Spirit to
enlighten my mind and strengthen my memory
in the search of His truth and wisdom.
Help me especially in the decisive
moments of this examination,
protecting me from that forgetfulness and
disturbing anxiety which often affect me.
May I succeed in offering God my finest work
and may I grow in knowledge,
understanding, humility and charity.
May everything that I attempt to learn in life
be offered in faithful service to God,
from whom flows that wisdom
which leads to eternal life.
St. Joseph of Cupertino pray for me,