Parish of
St Margaret Clitherow
Parish of
St Margaret Clitherow

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My reflections at the Masses on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

And so this is Christmas….. A very different Christmas then we could ever imagined. Numbers of places greatly reduced at Mass. Numbers of families and friends allowed to mix greatly reduced. Pubs and restaurants closed or at least only open for take away. It’s all vey different this year. Yet here we are celebrating Christmas. Despite what the politicians might say we cannot cancel Christmas. No darkness can overcome the light that shines forth from the Manger Scene.

Sometime ago now there was a programme on TV hosted by Ann Robinson entitled the ‘The Weakest Link. ’ You may remember it.  It was a popular teatime quiz show where the players compete against one another to see who can win the team the most money.  At the end of each round the contestants have to vote off who they think is the weakest link – the one who has answered least questions – the one who has lost the team the most money.  Having made their choice, the one who deemed to be the weakest link is sent home with the immortal words ‘You are the weakest link.  Goodbye.’

On one level it is a harmless quiz show but on another level something far more sinister is happening.  The show portrays the thoughts of many in our society – that the weak and the vulnerable, the sick, the old and disabled are not valued members of society and can be easily dismissed or got rid of.

When we turn our minds to Christmas we think of Our God becoming man upon earth, taking on our human nature.  How did he choose to do this?  By being born as a Baby in Bethlehem of the Virgin Mary.

When we think about it the weakest link in any family is always the baby.  They have to carried everywhere because they can’t yet walk.  Someone has to be on hand to feed them and look after them until they have learned to do this for themselves.  And they cost a lot – both in terms of time and finance.  The baby is the weakest link of family life.

Yet this is how God chose to become present in our world – as a helpless Baby.  This Christmas will you put THAT BABY at the Head of uyour Christmas table – at the centre of your celebrations? Or will you be like Ann Robinson and say to the Baby Jesus ‘you are the weakest link – Goodbye?

If you welcome the Christ Child into your hearts and homes this Christmas then He will bring you that lasting peace and happiness that no amount of turkey and tinsel can buy.