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St Margaret Clitherow
Parish of
St Margaret Clitherow

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I am sure you will agree that having the webcam is a great blessing for the sick and housebound who are able to join us for Mass via the camera.

During lockdown it has proved to be an invaluable resource especially when our churches were closed. The camera was installed some tine ago now and was considered to be ‘state of the art’ technology at the time. Like most things the camera is now showing its age needs to be replaced with a newer model.

A number of people have commented that the picture is a little fuzzy, the images grainy. It also gives the feeling of the sanctuary being very far away. A new camera would give us a better quality picture and enable us to zoom in and out during the celebration of Mass and other liturgies. This hopefully would give a better ‘worship experience’ for those joining us via the internet.

I know that many people have benefitted from our webcam during this time. Not all of these people have been from our own parish. As you can imagine updating the webcam facility will not be a cheap exercise. We are probably looking in the region of £2,000.

If you feel able to contribute to the updating of our webcam facility for the
future then please place a donation in an envelope and mark it ‘Webcam’ and hand it in to Fr Francis or drop it in the collection basket when you next come to Mass. Alternatively if you live outside the parish you can always send a donation to parish.

Many thanks